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Chevrolet Announces New Police Tahoes for 2021

Chevrolet Announces New Police Tahoes for 2021

Both PPV and SSV packages benefit from the Tahoe's completely new design, which offers class-leading interior space, according to Chevrolet. The new Tahoe police-specific front seats provide additional hip room, allowing officers’ duty belts to fit more comfortably.


CTech Now Selling CopBox for PPE Storage

CTech is focusing its efforts on making more CopBoxes available to first responders so they can...

CTech's CopBox hard-mounted trunk storage units are ready to ship immediately to upcoming and currently operating emergency responders and healthcare providers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


B-Kit Add-On Vehicle Armor

Hardwire LLC B-Kit Add-On Vehicle Armor

New to Hardwire is its 2020 Interceptor Utility armor kit. The company is now offering kits in Level IIIA, Level III, and Level III+.