Jotto Desk Awarded Utility Patent for Defend IR Security System

Jotto Desk has been outfitting city, county, and state agencies with the Defend IR to help reduce weapons theft.

Jotto Desk, a premier manufacturer of law enforcement vehicle equipment, has announced it has been issued a utility patent for the Defend IR Security System. 

“Over the years, we have worked closely with our law enforcement, fleet management and distribution Partners to best understand the current weaknesses and their future needs in regard to weapon security” said Curt Hatton, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Jotto Desk.

“Once we realized most police vehicles do not come with a car alarm and even then, aftermarket alarms are generally ignored, we began the process of designing a solution for the issue of someone breaking into a patrol vehicle and having all the time in the world to steal the rifle,” Hatton added.  “The Defend IR Security System utilizes the intelligent light/siren controller already in most vehicles and our PIR sensor to cloak the interior of the vehicle with a protective eye. Should an unauthorized individual (someone without the vehicle key) enter the passenger compartment, they have 10 seconds until the Defend IR wakes up the controller and turns on the lights and siren, sending the criminal scrambling and providing peace of mind that a broken window doesn’t mean stolen weapons.”

The Defend IR Security System has been patent pending for several years and over those years, Jotto Desk has been outfitting city, county, and state agencies with the Defend IR in order to help reduce the time available to steal a weapon and subsequently protecting weapons daily. 

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