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Police Vehicle Accidents

Oklahoma Deputy Killed in Head-on Vehicle Collision

A deputy with the Canadian County (OK) Sheriff's Office was killed in a two-vehicle collision on Friday.

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Florida Deputy Among 2 Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Deputy Hubert Burey, of West Palm Beach, was killed after his motorcycle hit a National Park Service Law Enforcement Vehicle near the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Georgia Deputy Killed in High-Speed Pursuit Crash

Dep. Sheldon Whiteman had just joined the pursuit when he apparently lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the wood line. According to Sheriff Nobles, Whiteman's car traveled an estimated 100 feet before coming to a stop.

California Officer, Civilian Motorist Injured in Vehicle Collision

An officer with the Costa Mesa Police Department who was responding to an emergency call collided with another motorist at an intersection on Thursday morning.

New York Trooper Injured While Investigating Crash

A New York state trooper was injured Wednesday morning while investigating a crash on the Onondaga Lake Parkway.

Oklahoma Officer Fatally Strikes Man Crossing Interstate in the Dark

An officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department fatally struck a man crossing an interstate freeway in the dark after getting petroleum for his empty gas tank.

California Officer Injured in Vehicle Collision

An officer with the Santa Ana Police Department was injured when his patrol vehicle collided with another car in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Massachusetts State Police Motor Officer Injured in On-Duty Crash

A trooper with the Massachusetts State Police was seriously injured when he crashed his motorcycle on an interstate highway.

Ohio Trooper Hit, Critically Injured by Wrongway Driver in Fiery Crash

The trooper was struck head-on by another vehicle traveling south in the northbound lanes. Both vehicles caught fire.

Louisiana Deputy Killed in Crash on the Way to Work

A deputy with the East Baton Rouge Parish (LA) Sheriff’s Office died in a single-vehicle wreck Thursday morning.