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Officers and Animals

Florida Officer Rescues Dog Struck by Car on Interstate Freeway

An officer with the Pinellas Park (FL) Police Department who witnessed a small dog being struck by a vehicle on an interstate freeway swooped to the animal's aid, wrapping it in a blanket and delivering it to a nearby veterinary hospital.

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Sneaky Goat Steals California Deputy's Snacks from Squad Car

The Nevada County Sheriff's Office playfully posted images to social media over the weekend of a goat eating a deputy's snacks in the front passenger seat of his patrol vehicle.

Once a Shelter Dog, K-9 Joins Alabama Police Department

A dog that was once in peril of being put down at a Georgia animal shelter is now a K-9 with the Headland (AL) Police Department.

Illinois Officer Comes to Aid of Skunk With Cup Stuck on its Head

An officer with the Aurora (IL) Police Department managed to help a small skunk with a food container stuck on its head in a brief incident captured on video.

Florida Officer Adopts Puppy in Advance of Hurricane's Arrival

An officer with the Fort Pierce Police Department made the season's first hurricane rescue in the jurisdiction when he adopted a puppy that was too young to be placed in a shelter as Dorian loomed in the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Colorado Officer Rescues Skunk, Avoids Getting Sprayed

A community services officer with the Firestone (CO) Police Department was able to free a baby skunk trapped in a hole in a wooden fence without being sprayed by the little animal in distress, and the agency had some fun with the incident on social media.

CHP Posts Picture of Snake in Driver's Seat of Trooper's Patrol Vehicle

The California Highway Patrol—Fort Tejon-Grapevine Station—posted on social media an image of a gopher snake taking up residence in the driver's seat of a trooper's patrol vehicle.

North Carolina Town Upset Over Absence of Department's Pet Cat

Many residents of the small town of Mocksville, NC, have their claws out over the sudden disappearance of the police department's pet cat and mascot from social media.

Video: Maine Officers Rescue Skunk from Tricky Predicament

An officer with the Portland (ME) Police Department had to strategize for a little while before rescuing a skunk that had managed to get its head stuck in an aluminum soda can on Tuesday morning.

California Department's Humorous Facebook Post Has Serious Message

The Mount Shasta (CA) Police Department posted images and a short story riddled with puns to its Facebook page over the weekend that concluded with a serious message about the unique citizen safety matters present in a rural community.