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Officers and Animals

Video: Texas Officer Removes Carton from Skunk's Head, Takes Off Running

An officer with the White Oak (TX) Police Department can be seen on dash camera video carefully approaching a skunk that had a food container stuck on its head.

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Florida Officer Rescues Kitten from Patrol Car Engine Compartment

A police sergeant with the Stuart (FL) Police Department has adopted a little kitten that had been rescued by an officer after the little feline sought a hiding spot in the engine compartment of a patrol vehicle.

California Officer Adopts Dog He Found in Stolen Vehicle

An officer with the San Diego Police Department who discovered a dog in the back of a vehicle reported as stolen late last month has adopted the animal as his own.

California Deputy Surprised to Find Deer in Back Seat at Traffic Stop

The Butte County Sheriff's Office posted on social media an image of one of the agency's deputies with a wild deer in the back of a vehicle at a traffic stop.

Video: California Officer Startled by Lizard Leaping from Suspect's Coat

An officer with the Chico (CA) Police Department was searching a man being detained when she suffered a surprise: a lizard leaped from one of the man's pockets.

Connecticut Officer Corrals Loose Horse Roaming the Streets

An officer with the North Haven (CT) Police Department managed to take into custody a small horse that was roaming the streets of the city not far from Long Island Sound and returned the animal to its owner.

Florida Officer Rescues Dog Struck by Car on Interstate Freeway

An officer with the Pinellas Park (FL) Police Department who witnessed a small dog being struck by a vehicle on an interstate freeway swooped to the animal's aid, wrapping it in a blanket and delivering it to a nearby veterinary hospital.

Sneaky Goat Steals California Deputy's Snacks from Squad Car

The Nevada County Sheriff's Office playfully posted images to social media over the weekend of a goat eating a deputy's snacks in the front passenger seat of his patrol vehicle.

Once a Shelter Dog, K-9 Joins Alabama Police Department

A dog that was once in peril of being put down at a Georgia animal shelter is now a K-9 with the Headland (AL) Police Department.

Illinois Officer Comes to Aid of Skunk With Cup Stuck on its Head

An officer with the Aurora (IL) Police Department managed to help a small skunk with a food container stuck on its head in a brief incident captured on video.