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Officer Kindness

Officer's Act of Christmas Kindness Applauded by KISS Star Gene Simmons

During the on-scene investigation, Officer Lima discovered that the two suspects fell upon hard times and attempted to take additional groceries they did not have enough money to pay for so they could provide a Christmas dinner for the two young children.

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KS Deputies, Community Buy Mother a Van So She Won't Have to Walk 6 Miles to Work

Over the last two weeks, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office received several calls about a woman walking on 59 Highway between Ottawa and Princeton in the early morning. Each time, deputies responded to the area and gave the woman a ride to work.

Raleigh Police, Firefighters Susprise Woman on 103rd Birthday

Raleigh, NC, police and firefighters surprised a 103-year-old woman with a visit for her birthday.

CA Officer Delivers Pizza After Delivery Driver Arrested

Officer Datil pulled over a driver for a traffic violation, only to discover that the man had an outstanding warrant. The officer also learned that the man was working and on his way to deliver a pizza to a nearby home.

OK Officer Who Helps Stray Dogs with Own Money, Receives Donations from Community

Tulsa police officer Lauren Opryszek fought back tears when she was surprised with all the goods, which she says will all be used to help stray dogs.

Philadelphia Officers Help Woman Scammed on Roof Repair

The officers could not stop thinking about her plight. So while one of the officers patched her roof ahead of recent rainstorms, another found a roofer who volunteered supplies and labor to install a new roof.

AZ Lieutenant and His Wife Adopt Little Girl He Comforted After She was Abused

In March 2018, Lt. Zach was working as a patrol sergeant when he and his officers got a call to check Kaila's residence. Kaila is a survivor of abuse and Zach spent that night bonding with her.

L.A. Officers Present New Car to Woman After Hers was Destroyed in Hate Crime

LAPD said in a tweet the woman's car was jumped on and vandalized by "gang members." They reportedly jumped on the vehicle, bashed in the doors, and cut racial slurs into the paint. The car was a total loss.

Boy Named "Honorary Deputy" By Minnesota Sheriff Returns to Hospital

A nine-year-old boy suffering from a debilitating disease who was named an honorary sheriff's deputy by the Olmstead County Sheriff's Office earlier this year has returned to the hospital for treatment.

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South Carolina Officer Donates Kidney to Local Man

A resident of Greenville, SC, has a new kidney and a new outlook on life thanks to the generosity of an officer with the Clemson Police Department.