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Officer Kindness

New York Officer Rescues Fawn Trapped in Basement Window Well

An Officer with the West Seneca (NY) Police Department was caught on video as he pulled a baby deer to safety after it had become trapped in a window well over Independence Day weekend.

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Georgia Officer Pays for Uber Fare for Woman Stranded at Roadside

An officer with the Duluth (GA) Police Department who had come upon a woman and child walking down a rural road early Tuesday morning made a call to a car service so that they could safely get to a relative's house after their car broke down.

Louisiana Officer Lauded for Buying Boy a Bicycle to Replace Stolen One

An officer with the Sulphur (LA) Police Department was recently hailed on a local television news program for doing something he likely never thought would become part of a public dialog—a simple act of kindness for a young boy who wanted a bicycle but whose family could not easily afford the purchase.

Family Thanks Mississippi Officer for Taking Care of Elderly Relative

An officer with the Biloxi (MS) Police Department says he was "just doing his job" when he came to the aid of an elderly Louisiana woman and helped her return home safely to her family, but the family is showing gratefulness for the officer's actions.

Houston Police Officer Comforts 5-Year-Old Girl at Protest

An officer with the Houston Police Department was captured on cell phone video comforting a 5-year-old girl during a protest last week.

Georgia Officer Donates "Hazard Pay" to Help Students

Officer Keith Backmon has used his "hazardous duty" bonus pay to donate tablet computers to five children so they will be able to complete their school assignments.

Video of Elderly Woman's Response to "Drive-By Parade" Goes Viral

Video of the emotional response by an elderly woman to the kind act of firefighters' and police officers' "drive-by parade" has gone viral on social media.

Video: Maine Officer Sings Song About Coronavirus from Squad Car

The South Portland (ME) Police Department posted a video of one of its officers singing an original song he wrote about COVID-19 while playing his guitar in the front seat of his patrol vehicle.

Amid the COVID-19 Crisis, Officers Persist in Acts of Kindness

There are countless acts of kindness being performed by officers across the country who are going well above and beyond their call of duty to assist people who are in need.

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Ohio Officer Delivering Meals to Needy Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic

Officer Jim Carbone of the North Olmsted (OH) Police Department partnered with "Meals on Wheels" to deliver lunch and dinner five days a week to at-risk populations during the health crisis.