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MO Teen Honored for Coming to Aid of Wounded Officer

"When the officer said, 'Can you help me with my tourniquet?' I was like, 'Absolutely, I can help you with your tourniquet.' It was really useful to have that knowledge from my dad," 17-year-old high schooler Ava Donegan told reporters.

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BWC Shows MO Officer Save 1-Month-Old Baby Girl

Police say Officer Richard DuChaine began infant chest compressions followed by back thrusts and the baby started breathing again.

Off-Duty MN Officer Saves Man Having Cardiac Event at Gym

When the man collapsed to the floor of Timberwolf Crossfit and had no pulse, Sgt. Michael Dahl administered CPR and called out for an AED.

Ohio Officer's CPR Rescues Validate Value of Basic First Aid Training

Providing emergency first aid such as CPR, applying a tourniquet, stopping a sucking chest wound, or staunching the bleed of a gunshot wound is difficult and requires hours of training and preparation.

Tennessee Officer's Actions Show Life-Saving Value of Tourniquet Training

Uncontrolled bleeding is one of the leading causes of preventable death after traumatic injury, and the application of a tourniquet to an extremity quickly losing blood can be the difference between life and death.

CA Doc Turned Cop Builds TacMed Program at Small Department

“I keep telling people that emergency medicine, which is what I used to do, is very similar to law enforcement in that it’s really problem focused. You're sent to a problem to take care of the problem and move on to the next."

3 Roll-Call Training Reminders for Summer Patrol Safety

Memorial Day is traditionally the unofficial start to summer. For American law enforcement, it signals the start of the "silly season." Here are some reminders for police trainers and street leaders to pass along to officers as they set about their summer patrols.

Atlanta Officer Shot while Investigating Burglary

Reports say the officer was hit in the leg and immediate medical assistance from fellow officers prevented the wound from becoming life-threatening.

Passing Motorists Aided Wounded CHP Officer During Gun Grab Attack

"The struggle continued, at which point several passing motorists stopped to assist the injured officer by providing medical aid and restraining Du until additional law enforcement personnel arrived," the CHP said.

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NYPD Officers Rush 4-Year-Old Boy Who Fell from 6th Floor Apartment to Hospital

The boy survived the fall from the Patterson Houses NYCHA complex. He was alert but crying and appeared to sustain a leg injury.

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