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Death Penalty Cases

California DA Says Suspected Cop Killer to Face Death Penalty

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley is seeking the death penalty for 24-year old Mark Estrada, who is accused of killing Hayward Police Sergeant Scott Lunger during a traffic stop in 2015.

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Prosecutor to Seek Death Penalty for Accused Texas Cop Killer

Back in February, Richardson Police Chief Jimmy Spivey said when officers arrived they found the injured civilian and began rendering aid. “In the course of their investigation they were led to an apartment where they made an entry and immediately encountered gunfire.”

Florida Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for Parkland Shooting Suspect

Broward State Attorney Michael Satz said he had filed the Notice of Intent to Seek Death in the case against 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz.

3 Men Convicted of Murdering Florida Deputy

Ingraham, Forbes and Delancy each face the death penalty for the murder and conspiracy to commit murder of a law enforcement officer. The same jury that found them guilty will be called back to court in as little as six weeks to review evidence that prosecutors say should be enough to warrant the ultimate punishment, according to the judge.

Cop Killer Celebrates Conviction in Murders of 2 California Deputies

“Yay,” Bracamontes said quietly as the Oliver verdict was read, smiling toward the deputy’s widow sitting in the front row. In all, he was convicted on all of the 15 counts he faced, as well as five special circumstances.

Accused Missouri Cop Killer to Face Death Penalty

Michael was shot and killed after stopping McCarthy’s truck for a registration violation. McCarthy allegedly got out and opened fire on Michael.

Idaho Cop Killer Gets Death Penalty

Coeur d'Alene, ID, police, prosecutors, and family members of slain police Sgt. Greg Moore thanked the community Monday in a press conference after convicted killer Jonathan D. Renfro was sentenced to death in Coeur d'Alene's First District Court.

Alabama Cop Killer Curses State, Raises Middle Fingers During Execution

A man convicted of killing a police officer in 1997 was put to death Thursday by lethal injection. He raised his middle fingers before he died.

FL Governor Has Right to Reassign Anti-Death Penalty Prosecutor's Cases

A Florida state attorney who refused to seek the death penalty lost her court fight Thursday with the governor who reassigned her murder cases, including police officers' homicides, to another prosecutor.

FL Governor Takes Kissimmee Officers' Homicide Case From Non-Death-Penalty Lawyer

Florida's governor has issued an executive order reassigning the case of a man accused of killing two police officers from the top prosecutor who says she is no longer seeking the death penalty.