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5 More Quotes for Trainers: Maxims and Mantras to Hammer Home Instruction

Smart, strategic, subtle placement of appropriate quotations can help instructors cement into students' minds important lessons that—in the context of police training—could one day save a life.

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Examining PERF's "40 Guiding Principles" to "Retool" Police Recruit Training

If police trainers can examine—with an objective and critical eye—some of the suggestions made in the new Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) report on recruit training, a great deal of good can potentially come of it for officers, agencies, and the communities they serve.

What the 2022 National Elections May Mean for Policing (All Hope is Local)

With no "red wave" of victories among largely pro-police Republican candidates for public office in this year's midterm elections, hopes that the "defund-the-police" movement had finally met its end have been all but washed away.

Exploring Policing: Training Young People in the Profession Yields Benefits

Simply by participating in Cadet, Explorer, and Internship programs, young "recruits" almost always become advocates and ambassadors for police within their families and peer groups—that outcome alone is worthwhile return on investment, regardless of whether or not any individual goes on to become a sworn officer.

Quotes That Hammer Home Police Training Lessons

Police trainers frequently use quotes and historical references to hammer home their instruction for a variety of reasons. Here are five quotes utilized by five notable law enforcement trainers.

School Resource Officers Adjust to the Post-COVID Campus Paradigm

It's fair to say that education in America will never be what it was before the year that COVID hit. As everyone begins to adjust to whatever "new normal" will develop in coming years, it will require effort from students, parents, teachers, administrators, and most notable the SROs whose job it is to keep all of the above safe.

3 Reminders for Police on "Toy" and "Replica" Weapons as Halloween Approaches

For years now, bad guys have been painting guns in neon colors to look like toys, while so-called "toys" have become so realistic that they're virtually indistinguishable from the real thing—especially in rapidly unfolding, high-stress situations.

Massachusetts Officer's Dog Shooting Prompts Roll-Call Training Reminders

Every year, there are countless incidents in which officers conducting regular patrol functions encounter dogs. Some events end with the dog being fatally shot. Many other episodes are innocuous. Here are some tactical tips for discussion at roll call before your next shift.

Why Law Enforcement Should Develop Street Leaders

Longtime police trainer Dick Fairburn speaks with POLICE contributing editor Doug Wyllie about the need for programs to train sergeants in leadership.

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How Police Trainers Can Break Down One Giant Roadblock to Adult Learning

When the brain is engaged in "executive state," a student in a classroom can absorb, analyze, interpret, and remember complex concepts for use at a later time. When a person is in "survival state," they can't do any of those things.

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