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Ballistic Vest Saves

Phoenix Officer Saved by Body Armor in Gunfight, Suspect Dead

An officer with the Phoenix Police Department was struck by at least one bullet in a gunfight on Monday night.

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DC Officer Shot, Saved by Vest

A Washington, DC, police officer was shot and saved by his body armor while serving a search warrant for a gun at a home Sunday.

Point Blank Vest Saves New York City Police Officer

Officer Wintermute was shot in the chest, but was saved by his body armor produced by Point Blank Enterprises.

NYPD Officer Saved by Vest in Gunfight with Suspect

An officer with the New York Police Department was saved by his ballistic vest when a man reportedly pointed a 9mm pistol at officers early Wednesday morning.

Terror Bomber Gets Attempted Murder Conviction for Shooting at Officers

When officers arrived around 10:30 a.m., Rahimi pulled a 9mm pistol and opened fire — hitting one of the Linden officers in the torso and in his ballistic vest, according to authorities.

DC Officer Saved by Body Armor in Gunfight, Suspect Killed

An officer with the Metropolitan Police Department was shot and saved by body armor and a suspect was killed in a gunfight in the Southeast section of Washington, DC, on Monday night.

(Video) 5 Tenets of "Below 100" Can Reduce Officer Deaths

POLICE Contributing Web Editor Doug Wyllie sits down with Below 100 Executive Director Roy Bethge to discuss the program and how it can reduce duty deaths.

2 Missouri LEOs Shot, Hospitalized with Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

A Carter County (MO) Sheriff's deputy and a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper were shot Friday morning, leaving both with non-life-threatening injuries.

Rhode Island Teen Arrested for Shooting Officer in Ballistic Vest

An officer with the Providence (RI) Police Department was struck in the ballistic vest when a gunman opened fire on him on Friday afternoon.

WI Officer Shot at Domestic, Saved by Armor

At the home, officers confronted the man who they say pulled out a handgun. The officer pulled his sidearm and the two exchanged fire.