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Officers and Animals

Video: Ohio Officers Save Dog Dangling from Second-Story Balcony

Officers with the Cleveland (OH) Police Department came to the rescue of a dog dangling from a second-story balcony in that city's east side on Saturday night.

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Crying Fowl: A Florida Department Introduces 'Bird Unit' as April Fool's Gag

The first day of April brings all manner of pranks, jokes, and hoaxes both on and offline, but the Largo (FL) Police Department pulled off something of a masterpiece when it announced on its Facebook page that it would be looking into using birds of prey as substitutes for small police drones.

In April Fool's Gag, New Jersey Police Announce New "Drug Sniffing Bunny"

The agency said that the fluffy little long-eared herbivore—an animal that feeds mostly on grass—can get into tight spaces the department's K-9 cannot.

Arizona Troopers Help Rescue Dog Ejected from Vehicle and Lost

"Troopers spent time, including their lunch breaks, looking for Dozer in hopes they would find him. Based on the multiple calls, they believed Dozer to be alive. Troopers then reached out to Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue for additional help."

Video: Ohio Officer Uses Pizza to Lure Wayward Pig to Squad Car

An officer with the Xenia (OH) Police Department spotted a runaway pig while on regular patrol over the weekend, and used a piece of leftover pizza to lure the little guy to the open back door of his patrol vehicle.

New York Officer's Ballistic Vest Saves Him from Accidental Discharge

An officer with the Ellenville (NY) Police Department reportedly shot himself in his chest—the bullet was stopped by his body armor—as he attempted to flee from an attack by a rabid fox.

Ohio Officers Use Cookies to Lure Wayward Pig Back to Home

Officers with the Middleton (OH) Police Department had to break out a box of snacks in order to get a pig to return back to its home.

Video: Cow Leads Nebraska Officers on Slow-Speed Pursuit

A cow that escaped a Nebraska beef plant led police on a slow speed chase through the town of Grand Island.

Florida Department Adopts Stray Dog, Makes him Official Therapy Dog

Officers with the Lynn Haven (FL) Police Department reportedly found a stray dog wandering the streets and took him to get cleaned up and examined. The department soon discovered that the animal would make a perfect pet for the department, and would also serve a vital role for the community.

7 Tips for Safely Dealing with Animals on Patrol

Mountain lions and other very dangerous predators have been known to show up in densely populated cities. Elk have been known to get tangled in a farmer's fencing. Raccoons and opossums end up in storm drains and dumpsters on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts on dealing with non-human subjects in a way that keeps both the animal and the officer safe.