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Officer Kindness

5-Year-Old Calls 911 Requesting McDonald's—Michigan Officer Delivers

A hungry five-year-old boy in Michigan did the only thing he knew how to do with a mobile phone—he dialed 911.

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Illinois Officer Drives Man to Job Interview After Traffic Stop

An officer with the Cahokia (IL) Police Department was recently faced with an excellent opportunity to serve one member of his community in a very special way.

Officer Escorts Child to "Father/Student" Day at School on Behalf of Deployed Soldier

Officer Raymond Seehousen with the Mount Healthy (OH) Police Department escorted a little girl to school for the annual Father/Student day on Friday because the child's dad had recently been deployed for duty with the United States Army.

South Carolina First Responders Compete in Cookie Contest to Raise Awareness of Autism

Officers with the Charleston (SC) Police Department faced off with their brothers and sisters in the fire service in a contest in which participants were armed with glazing brushes and frosting tubes in an event aimed at raising awareness about autism.

California Officers Pitch In to Replace Landscaper's Stolen Tools

Santa Ana Police responded to the report of the theft, and soon thereafter came up with a plan to help Adrian Salgado get back on his feet.

Wisconsin Officer Dumpster Dives to Find Marine Veteran's Missing Wallet

An officer with the Madison (WI) Police Department went above and beyond during an investigation of a stolen wallet taken from a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Michigan Officer Surprises 9-Year-Old Boy with Birthday Party

An officer with the Grand Rapids (MI) Police Department recently made a 9-year-old very happy on his birthday.

Virginia Officer Makes Pancakes for Disabled Man

Sergeant Wendy Brewer and Officer Kegan Bostic kicked into action, searching the kitchen for something for the man to eat. Finding the cupboards bare but for a box of pancake mix, they set about the simple gesture of making a stack of pancakes for the man in need.

4-Year-Old Sworn In as Honorary Washington Officer

The family of Clayton Jones was connected with the department through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in December.

Video: LAPD Officers Buy Lunch for Families to "Pay it Forward"

Two officers with the Los Angeles Police Department recently had their lunch paid for by an anonymous citizen. They decided to "flip the script" and do the same for several families at the drive-through window of the famous California restaurant chain In-and-Out.