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Officer Kindness

Michigan Officer Helps Disoriented Elderly Woman Get Home

An officer with the Dearborn Police Department helped a disoriented elderly woman get home from a gas station where she had locked her keys in her car in late August.

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Video: Louisiana Officer Gives Elderly Woman a Ride Home

An officer with the Lake Charles Police Department was captured on cell phone video helping an elderly pedestrian into the passenger seat of his patrol vehicle and driving her home on a hot day.

Colorado School Resource Officer Helps Boy Walk

Officer Brad Gagon built a strength trainer to help a boy with cerebral palsy practice walking.

Illinois Woman Posts Tribute to Fallen Trooper on Facebook

An Illinois woman took to social media on Wednesday to tell the tale of a heartwarming interaction she had several years ago with Illinois State Trooper Nick Hopkins—who was recently killed in the line of duty.

Iowa Officer Visits Home of Boy Afraid of Monsters in his Room

An officer with the Eldridge (IA) Police Department visited the home of a woman who turned to police because her son was afraid to go to sleep in the room of the home they just moved into.

Michigan Officers Locate and Replace Vietnam Veteran's Stolen Medals

When Officers Chaim Kozak and Rodney Donald of the Westland (MI) Police Department learned of the theft of a Vietnam War veteran's medals from a facility that cares for aging veterans, they set their minds to finding and presenting to the man replacements of the hard-earned honors.

Officers Escort Son of Colleague Who Died of Cancer to First Day of School

Officers with the West Palm Beach (FL) Police Department took time on Monday to escort the son of a colleague who succumbed to cancer last year to his first day of Kindergarten.

North Carolina Officer Makes Second Life-Saving Organ Donation

An officer with the Gastonia (NC) Police Department has donated a second vital organ to a complete stranger. After donating a kidney in 2015, he felt compelled to donate a part of his liver this year.

Kansas Officer Seen Helping Woman in Wheelchair Across Busy Intersection

An officer with the Wichita Police Department was seen helping a woman in a wheelchair across a busy intersection over the weekend. Photos of the act of kindness posted to social media quickly went viral.

Ohio Officer Assists in Couple's Wedding Proposal

An officer with the Cincinnati Police Department is being lauded for his assistance in a young couple's wedding proposal over the weekend.