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Officer Delivers Baby

Georgia Officer Delivers Baby at Gas Station

An officer with the Hazlehurst (GA) Police Department was called to a local gas station to assist in the delivery of a baby boy late last week.

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Pennsylvania Officer Saves Life of Newborn Baby on Mother's Day

An officer with the Millvale (PA) Police Department assisted in saving the life of a newborn baby boy at a local gas station on Mother's Day.

Ohio Police Officer Delivers Baby Boy

An officer with the Cincinnati Police Department responded to a home early Thursday morning for a trouble call. Upon arrival he discovered that the trouble was the immediate impending arrival of a newborn baby.

California Officers Help Deliver Baby at Fast Food Restaurant

Officers with the Madera (CA) Police Department responded—alongside paramedics from Pistoresi Ambulance—to a woman who had begun childbirth at a local McDonald's restaurant last week.

California Officer Learns his Supervisor Delivered him as a Baby

An officer with the El Monte (CA) Police Department recently learned that his current supervisor was among the first responders who was on scene when his mother went into a complicated labor in the family's driveway nearly three decades ago.

Tennessee Officer Helps Woman Deliver Baby Girl at Roadside

An officer with the Dickson (TN) Police Department performed some roadside heroics as she assisted a woman in labor in giving birth to a baby girl.

North Carolina Trooper Stops Speeding Vehicle, Delivers Baby at Roadside

Sergeant Brian Maynard called an ambulance to the scene but everyone—Jimmy Baker and his wife Laura, as well as the trooper himself—quickly concluded that the baby's arrival was imminent.

Minnesota Officers Resuscitate Newborn, Then Deliver Her Twin Sister

On Tuesday, police officers with the Wyoming (MN) Police Department responded to a call of a woman in labor at her home.

Utah Officer Assists in Roadside Delivery of Baby Girl

Mother and newborn baby girl are both doing well, after Logan (UT) Police Officer Rozalyn Newman assisted in a roadside birth.

Wisconsin Officer Delivers Baby Boy

The Kiel (WI) 911 call center received a report on Thursday night to a call that a woman had begun labor and was in need of immediate assistance. EMS were dispatched, but Kiel Police Officer Joe Jeanty arrived to the scene first.