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Colorado Officer Helps Homeless Man Reunite with His Family

An officer with the Denver Police Department was honored with the Unparalleled Community Impact Award for her work helping a homeless man get home to his family.

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3 LAPD Officers Get MRSA from Contact with Homeless Subject, Union Says

The outbreak started sometime within the last week at the LAPD West Valley station in Reseda when officers arrested a transient who was brought to the station. The station has since undergone cleaning of all surfaces to stop the MRSA from spreading.

Offender Writes Heartfelt Handwritten Note to California Officers

The Santa Cruz (CA) Police Department posted an image to Facebook of a handwritten note it received from an individual that agency had previously arrested for undisclosed crimes.

Homeless Crime in Los Angeles Jumps 50%

LAPD officials said most concerning were the disproportionate number of homeless individuals listed as suspects in physical attacks that cause serious injuries, described as, "aggravated assaults," in police records.

San Francisco Police Stepping Up Foot Patrols in Gritty Neighborhood

The San Francisco Police Department is stepping up foot patrols to enforce the law and form deeper bonds with the people who live and work in the area.

Homeless Man Mourns Slain California Deputy Who Arrested, Then Cared for Him

Among the many people mourning the death of Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy Mark Stasyuk is a convicted felon—now homeless—who was arrested by Stasyuk. Josh Nordquist, told the CBS News affiliate in Sacramento, "The dude had a real heart. He was an awesome man." More Here.

Video: New Mexico Officer, Local Church Provide Homeless Man with Wheelchair

Edison then gave Scott the lunch his wife packed for him. While moving the man to a safer place, Edison discovered that his wheelchair was badly in need of repair.

California Officer Adopts Baby of Homeless Woman Battling Drug Addiction

Officer Jesse Whitten had occasionally encountered the woman while on patrol. During one encounter Whitten's wife was at his side. The two women struck up a conversation, and several months later learned that the homeless woman specifically requested that the Whittens adopt the baby girl.

Cleanup on Aisle Four: Policing in America Today

Hopefully, as people appreciate and understand what their public servants do for them on a 24/7 basis, more of them will appreciate police officers for what most of them are — good people who want to help others.

The Homeless Crisis: Why Service Providers Should Partner with Police

We cannot fix the problem of homelessness through enforcement actions alone. Police are the people being called to deal with the issue at a street level, but they are not the people who have the capabilities to address the root causes of chronic homelessness — the two most common being mental health issues and substance abuse.