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Philadelphia to Fire 13 Officers for Facebook Posts

Thirteen officers with the Philadelphia Police Department are likely to be terminated from their jobs over a series of inflammatory comments they shared on Facebook.

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Why Police Should Ignore the Starbucks Kerfuffle

The blowback on Facebook against Starbucks was especially vitriolic, leading an outside observer to conclude that mistreatment of law enforcement officers in the company's stores is a pervasive problem (spoiler alert: it's not).

On Independence Day, Words of Wisdom from American History

Let's contemplate the words of some of the people who helped shape this great country.

Exit Interviews Reveal Significant Discontent at Seattle Police Department

Officers departing the Seattle Police Department left scathing comments in exit interviews, telling a story of widespread discontent in the ranks over perceived micromanagement and a lack of support from city leaders.

Philadelphia Police Union Says Any Firings Over Facebook Posts "Out of Bounds"

Vice President John McGrody of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 said, "I don't believe any Facebook posts merit firing, based on discipline that’s been handed out through the years."

2 Virginia Officers Fired Over Confederate Flag Sticker on Clipboard

Two officers with the Tazewell (VA) Police Department declined to resign following an investigation into their behavior stemming from a traffic stop at which a black man claimed one of the officers stopped him because of his race.

Iowa Department Offering Autism Safety Training to First Responders

Officers with the West Liberty (IA) Police Department were recently joined by fire and EMS colleagues in a safety and awareness training for encounters with subjects on the autism spectrum.

4 Major Reasons to Go Back To College

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for adults to return to college, especially with the flexibility that distance education can provide for busy students. Here are four reasons why you might consider going back to school.

Canadian Agency Approves New Training Facility for Firearms and Defensive Tactics

Officers with the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol will soon have a new training facility to work on firearms and defensive tactics skills.

Shorthanded New York Department Uses Billboards to Recruit Officers

The Auburn (NY) Police Department has placed giant "we're hiring" signs in the local area in an effort to fill the ranks as numerous officers are set to retire in coming months.