Violent Crime in Los Angeles Hits Highest Level Since 2009, Police Blame Gangs

Los Angeles officials on Wednesday attributed last year's crime jump to increased gang activity and homelessness, among other things.

Los Angeles officials on Wednesday attributed last year's crime jump to increased gang activity and homelessness, among other things. 

With every crime category increasing last year in the city, total crime stood at its highest point since 2009, according to data released by the Los Angeles Police Department

Violent crime was up 20.2% last year compared with 2014, and property crime rose 10.7% during the same span, LAPD figures show

Mayor Eric Garcetti said he was confident that LAPD strategies launched last year would help curb crime this year.

Those initiatives include the ramping up of the LAPD's elite Metropolitan Division, strengthening gang outreach efforts, and an expansion of domestic violence awareness teams throughout the city, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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