Video: Georgia Deputy Receives Medal of Valor for Rescuing Kidnap Victim

Burke County Deputy Eric Madison has received the Medal of Valor, the highest honor offered to law enforcement, for acting to rescue a woman who had been kidnapped at gunpoint and tortured by her ex-husband.

On Wednesday, Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp presented Burke County Deputy Eric Madison with the Medal of Valor, the highest honor offered to law enforcement.

"He doesn't look at himself as a hero," said Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard about Deputy Madison. "[He] said we didn't even need to do any recognition, but what he did was certainly worthy of the Medal of Valor."

In August, a woman was kidnapped at gunpoint and says she was tortured by her ex-husband. Deputy Madison spotted his car and followed it to a home where the man was reportedly planning to kill the woman and then himself. Deputy Madison got there before he could, reports WFAA.

In a matter of seconds Deputy Madison had to act to save the woman's life.

The woman sprinted for safety while the suspect fired multiple shots at her and Deputy Madison. Bullets struck the patrol car and the woman, but she will recover from her physical wounds. Deputy Madison returned fire and killed the suspect.

Deputy Madison had just graduated from the academy when the incident occurred. He is already a Purple Heart recipient. He served eight years in the United States Navy before he joined the Burke County Sheriff's Office.

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