Nebraska Sheriff's K-9, Innocent Motorist, and Suspect Killed in Train Crash

The suspect who had stolen a sheriff's K-9 vehicle hit the back of a vehicle driven by a teacher who was waiting for the train come through, pushing the vehicle into the train. Stoltenberg, Ediger and the K-9 died on impact.

Two people and a York County, NE, sheriff's K-9 have died following a high-speed pursuit and a train crash involving two vehicles in York on Tuesday night.

Joseph Stoltenberg, 43, the suspect who initiated the chase, died on impact.

The other person who died was 31-year-old Kyle Ediger, a teacher at Hampton Public Schools, the district confirmed to KETV.

The incident began around 11 p.m. with an attempted traffic stop. The suspect fled and a deputy pursued.

York County SO says the pursuit ended after about eight minutes with an attempted high-risk stop.

Stoltenberg then exited the vehicle and claimed to have a gun. According to the York County sheriff's office, the suspect concealed his hands and told officers at the scene that he wanted to die. Stoltenberg did not respond to officers and advanced toward them, gaining control of a "marked patrol canine unit."

Another high-speed pursuit then ensued, traveling throughout York County and into the city of York.

The suspect stopped the vehicle on the train tracks and got out, telling deputies he had a gun and telling them to shoot him, York County SO says. The deputies then tried to take the vehicle back but the suspect drove off and deputies could not pursue because they were blocked by the arriving train.

Stoltenberg reportedly turned around and drove back toward the train at a high rate of speed. York County SO says Stoltenberg crashed into the rear of Ediger's vehicle pushing it into the train. 


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