Defusing Volatile People

Can female officers more easily calm a suspect who may be on the brink of violence?

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Women are good talkers and I believe are less likely to get involved in a physical fight.

I do believe we can calm a situation such as with children, persons who are despondent and possibly suicidal. Our voices are naturally at a lower tone and can be calming.

I had a female suicide subject on the bridge in the town I work in. She wanted to kill herself and actually showed me a list of why she was so upset. As a woman I was able to empathize with her and talk about some better ways of resolving the issue beyond killing herself.

It has been shown that men and women do well in all aspects of this job β€” SWAT, motor officers, negotiator, etc. During a physical fight with a larger person, men can definitely have a stronger position. Women can train to take on someone in a physical fight, but men more often than not are just physically stronger.

I also think as young boys they fight or get into physical confrontations more than girls tend to. Yes, I know that may sound like a stereotype, but sometimes it is true.

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