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Women in Law Enforcement

A panel discusses topics that matter to women in a male-dominated field, such as professional appearance, special equipment and physical challenges.

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Not Afraid to Be a Woman

Being feminine is often seen as a hindrance as opposed to an attribute when garnering respect from male coworkers because they feel like they have to protect us instead of focus on the problem they are called to handle.

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Tips for Joining Investigative Units

Photo via New York Times.

Investigative units in law enforcement seem to be more welcoming to females than the more male-dominated units. This could be because females have been utilized in law enforcement investigations since at least 1912.

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How To Deal With Pregnancy In Law Enforcement

Photo courtesy of Jenna Underwood-Nunez.

Being a female in law enforcement has its challenges. Being a pregnant female in law enforcement is its own unique animal. I'm here to try and answer a few of your questions or at least give you some advice to make it easier for you.

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5 Tips for Joining a K-9 Unit

Officer Linda Matthew is the Sacramento (Calif.) Police Department’s first female K-9 handler....

Have you noticed there are very few female K-9 handlers in law enforcement? Don't let that deter you. If you’re motivated to join a K-9 unit, use these five tips to prepare and achieve your goal.

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5 Tips for Joining a Specialty Unit

Photo by Yuda Chen.

Female officers may encounter resistance when they apply to join special units such as SWAT, K-9, narcotics, internal affairs, or crime prevention units. To help those hoping to break into these units, PoliceMag.com is launching a Web-exclusive, multi-part series offering strategies to reach this goal.