Do You Need to Prove Yourself Physically?

Sgt. Diana Drummey looks for other ways to resolve confrontations than getting physical, but will go there, if need be.

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There was a time when I always wanted to prove myself. I wanted everyone to know I could do the job and was as good as any other cop β€” especially a male counterpart.

As we grow older and mature, we have more life experiences and our attitudes and opinions change. I do still try and stay up with my fellow officers as best I can. I do participate in all defensive tactics classes and never whine or find ways of not participating.

I am not in the best shape at my age, but I know I can hold my own for some time. It has to do with attitude β€” I am going home tonight and my partner is going home to their family.

When an issue arises that I think will become physical, I try and find a different way of solving it. Can I use one of my tools on my belt? Can I talk the person into compliance? How do I avoid a fight whether verbal or physical?

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