A Clarkstown Police Department (NY) tactical team rescued a security guard at a UPS warehouse after he barricaded himself inside the building to seek shelter from burglars suspected to be armed.

The guard called 911 from the UPS warehouse in Nanuet around 4 a.m. Sunday to report that he saw several people burglarizing the building, reports WCBS.

Officers arrived and found a dark-colored sedan in the parking lot and detained a man found inside. Police say in the early stages of the investigation information was obtained that this burglary crew has been known to carry firearms and had violent encounters with law enforcement in the past. So, the Clarkstown Police Department’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) was called in to retrieve the security guard and search the building.

Officers located no other suspects on the premises and police say other suspects apparently fled before officers arrived. The man found in the car outside was arrested and charged with burglary, then released without bail.

According to police, Items stolen during the burglary include handbags, shoes, and electronics. Police also say at no time was the public in any danger during this investigation.