Tactical products and equipment specialist Aardvark Tactical has launched a new and improved version of its website. The site, which is now live, is geared toward more efficient product browsing, how-to videos for operators, and a purpose-built armor configurator for optimized platform customization.

The new website is designed to provide tactical teams with a wealth of educational resources, including expert demonstrations of Aardvark's products. Product tutorials cover a myriad of topics, answering questions such as how to best use the Loki Mk2 tactical sUAS, how to maintain your Kinetic Breaching Tool (KBT), how to set-up your Project7 armor platforms, and much more. 

Aardvark has also released “Lessons Learned,” a video series featuring conversations between leaders in the tactical community. Viewers can expect advice on issues operators face in the field alongside in-depth knowledge of the industry. “Lessons Learned” topics include “Interior Drone use for SWAT Teams,” “Understanding Threat Levels and Choosing Rifle Plates,” “Choosing Communications Gear,” and more. Website visitors can also request future video topics. Aardvark says its hope is that these series inform, inspire, and lead to continued innovation. 

Aardvark’s new digital storefront features a streamlined products and services navigation system that allows users to filter their search by brand, category, and featured products. The new browsing platform, powered by Shopify, provides an efficient and user-friendly experience, Aardvark says. Plus, tactical operators and management staff are now able to request quotes online for products they need directly at shop.aardvarktactical.com. 

When it comes to configuring the ideal Project7 armor platform, Aardvark is making it easy with a custom configuration system that allows users to set their specifications based on preferences and mission-specific profiles, the company says. Users can configure Project7 platforms from the ground up, including belts, helmets, accessories, and ballistics.

With the release of the new AardvarkTactical.com, Aardvark says it aims to continue to raise the industry standards for serving tactical operators with equipment, custom solutions, and continued education.