Miami Officer Jose Baez, 30, who was attacked when he tried to take an armed robbery suspect into custody last week, remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital and is recovering from brain surgery for a skull fracture, 4CBS reported.

“It was very traumatic for him, one of our brothers getting hurt, very traumatic, especially hearing he was rushed in for brain surgery,” Miami police Sergeant Tommy Reyes, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, said. “It’s very dangerous never knowing who we are dealing with, whether it is a good person, a law-abiding citizen, we love them, or someone who committed an armed robbery the day before like this person.”

Baez was injured on Friday, Feb. 4, when he and his partner tried to arrest a suspect known as “Scarface” at an area hotel. That suspect, 33-year-old Victor Fernandez, escaped and Baez was taken to the hospital after the confrontation.

Fernandez, who had been wanted for using a machete to threaten a man, was caught on Saturday and taken into custody but not before he head-butted another officer and tried to take his gun. He is facing an aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer charge and other charges.