A Los Angeles police sergeant’s body camera captured the moments where he quickly reacted and saved a choking toddler Jan. 19. The police department has now released the video.

Video from the sergeant’s camera shows a man with an unresponsive toddler in his arms rushing toward the patrol unit after the girl’s parents flagged down the sergeant near an intersection, NBC4 reported.

“The sergeant exited his police vehicle and immediately observed that the child was not breathing and appeared lifeless. The sergeant requested additional units, along with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), and immediately began to perform first aid to the child. Through his assessment, the Sergeant discovered a choking hazard inside the child’s airway. He conducted a finger sweep and back thrust. As a result of his efforts, the unknown choking hazard dislodged and the child regained consciousness. LAFD personnel arrived on scene and transported the child to Children's Hospital where she was treated by medical staff and listed in stable condition,” LAPD stated on social media