A Phoenix police officer resigned his position early Saturday morning Nov. 6 over radio traffic after dispatchers told him the entire shift needed to stay on the clock to answer more calls.

“933 Henry for traffic,” the dispatcher calls.

The Phoenix Police Department’s Cactus Park Precinct dispatcher makes repeated calls for an officer before hearing a response, 12 News reports.

It’s 12:26 in the morning on Saturday, Nov. 6, just a few minutes before Officer Mark Rine’s shift is supposed to end.

“33 Henry - I’m 10-7 in four minutes,” Rine said over the radio in response to the dispatcher.

Over the next minute, the dispatcher and another unidentified officer tell Rine the whole shift is working late.

Rine: “33 Henry - I’ll be going upstairs to fill out my resignation letter then.”

Officer Rine, apparently, kept his word. 12 News obtained a copy of Rine’s resignation letter, dated Nov. 6, 2021.