A 19-year veteran of the Louisiana State Police was killed in the line of duty Saturday.

Master Trooper Adam Gaubert was ambushed while in his patrol unit, according to a news release from LSP.

Investigators identified Matthew Mire, 31, as the suspect. He was captured Saturday night.

Mire is also suspected of shooting two people in Livingston Parish before stealing a car and entering Ascension Parish where he shot and killed Gaubert while he was seated in his unit.

Investigators believe Mire came to the area to stage another shooting that claimed the life of Pamela Adair and wounded another, WDSU reports.

According to LSP, Mire was later involved in a pursuit where he fired a weapon at the pursuing state trooper. The trooper exchanged gunfire with Mire during the incident and was not injured.

Mire escaped the pursuit and fled into a wooded area on foot.

After a daylong manhunt by numerous law enforcement agencies, Mire was reportedly located and apprehended without incident.

Gaubert was reportedly found over 12 hours after his death.

Col. Lamar Davis, superintendent of LSP, said at a press conference that during an emergency situation like the one Saturday, regular radio transmissions are not made, so troopers are not checking in. He added procedures are changing where technology will be used to allow troopers to check in via their computers to try to prevent this from happening again, KSLA reports.

Davis said it is not yet known exactly what time Gaubert was killed. He explained Matthew Mire, the man suspect of killing Gaubert and a woman, was seen on surveillance video around 2:30 a.m. in the area where Gaubert was ambushed. He added other troopers next encountered Mire around 5 a.m.