Aurora, IL, police released dash camera video Wednesday that authorities say shows two women pinning down an officer after a traffic stop gone in June.

The video shows more officers eventually moving in, but not before the Kane County State's Attorney said one of those women, Sheba Taylor, 26, of Chicago, began to strangle the pinned officer "to the point where he was unable to breathe."

Taylor, as well as Jennifer Taylor, 24, of Chicago and Paul Sherrod Taylor of DeKalb, are all indicted by a grand jury facing multiple felony charges, including attempted first-degree murder, ABC7 reports.

"Someone who is being strangled can lose their consciousness in a moment of seconds," Kane County State's Attorney Jamie Mosser said. "And that means they're literally on the precipice of death at that point."

Aurora police said it started with a traffic stop for rolling through a stop sign. Dash camera video shows the officer approach the driver. Then, police say a passenger gets out off-camera.