A 6-year-old Kentucky girl was riding her bike last week when a stranger allegedly drove up, jumped out of his car, grabbed her by the collar, threw her into his vehicle, and took off.

Father and son witnesses jumped in their own vehicle and chased after the man suspected of kidnapping the girl, calling 911 while in pursuit and giving operators the alleged perpetrator's license plate number, Fox News reports.

The Louisville Metro Police Department responded – and it was all hands on deck to find the girl. 

Sgt. Joe Keeling, himself the father of a small child, located the vehicle in less than 10 minutes and was able to detain the suspect, Robby Wildt, 40.

Officer Jason Burba, a father of four, quickly arrived on the scene. In Burba's body cam footage from the rescue, released by LMPD, the officer can be seen rushing toward the car and finding the little girl crying in the passenger seat.

The little girl was returned home to family members, and Wildt was arrested. He is being held on a $1 million bond.