John Hurley has been called a "hero" for his actions when a man opened fire in Olde Town Arvada and killed a police officer, and now sources say it is because he shot the attacker.

Bill Troyanos, an employee at the Army Navy Surplus Store, told KDVR what he saw happen when the shooting began. Other employees shared what they saw.

“Actually, there were two customers that ran out and John Hurley was just faster and made it.  As some eyewitnesses say, he took down the shooter,” said manager Stephen Cohen.

Another employee at the store who was inside at the time of the shooting posted a letter on the business’ Facebook page explaining what he witnessed.

“Upon hearing these shots, John and another unknown customer unrelated to John went out of the open door toward the square with clear intent to eliminate the threat,” the letter says.

Arvada Police Chief Link Strate also called Hurley a hero.

A GoFundMe has been set up by Johnny Hurley’s family.

KDVR is reporting that Hurley may have been killed by a responding officer.