Macon County (TN) Sheriff's Sgt. Kyle Petty was injured and a suspect was killed in a shooting when deputies responded to a report of a man with a gun acting irrationally and scaring people, according to Sheriff Mark Gammons.

Once on scene, deputies found Nathaniel Damien Raabe with a rifle. He reportedly ignored their commands to put down the gun and fired at the deputies. They returned fire, prompting the man to take cover inside the home, News Channel 5 reports.

Moments later, more deputies arrived and Raabe came back out with the rifle, which he initially put to his head, then pulled the gun down and fired on the deputies again, hitting Sgt. Petty twice.

The other deputies once again returned fire, hitting the man and he staggered back into the home. He was later found dead inside the home.

Sgt. Petty was hit in the back and leg. His wounds are described as serious, but he is expected to survive.