The San Antonio Police Department on Thursday released video from a shooting on the city’s West Side in April that wounded a police officer and left two suspects dead.

The shooting happened around 11:27 a.m., April 16, when Officer Tyler Sauvage, a five-year veteran, conducted a traffic stop on a blue pickup truck.

The video shows Sauvage approach the truck, which was occupied by two men and a woman, and interact with the driver, KSAT reports.

In the video, a police official said the front seat passenger is heard asking the backseat passenger for a gun. The officer then opens the driver’s door and in just a matter of seconds, the suspects fire multiple gunshots.

Sauvage is hit by the gunfire in the hand, which is seen in the video covered in blood, and he retreated to his vehicle to take cover and return fire.

Sauvage was taken to a hospital for treatment of his hand.

The third passenger, a woman, was shot in the torso and was also taken to a hospital. She survived and has not been charged.