A Fresno, CA, police officer is being viewed as a hero for saving a motorcyclist’s life Thursday evening in east-central Fresno

An off-duty Fresno Police officer, identified as 23-year veteran Thao Xiong, saw the motorcyclist for unknown reasons lose control and crash into the canal at about 7:30 p.m.

Xiong made a quick reaction based on his knowledge of where the water was flowing in a particular direction since he works in the area, Lt. Paul Cervantes told the Fresno Bee.

“He was quick with his vehicle and drove farther downstream,” Cervantes said. “He utilized a rope that he had in his vehicle and tossed the rope to the injured motorcyclist.”

Additional officers arrived and formed a human chain and safely removed the injured man by using the rope.

“The action of the off-duty officer, without a doubt saved this individual’s life,” Cervantes said.