A new law in Texas will prevent reality TV shows from partnering with law enforcement agencies in the state. The law was written in response to a man dying in 2019 while in police custody as cameras from the show "Live PD" filmed his arrest.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Javier Ambler Act into law on Wednesday, effective immediately, ABC reports.

The bill passed in the Texas House 110 to 34 on April 15 and passed in the Senate on May 13 with a 27 to 3 vote.

Javier Ambler II, 40, died on March 28, 2019. He was chased by Williamson County deputies after he failed to dim his headlights. Crews from the show "Live PD", which is now canceled, followed the 22-minute chase with cameras, The Associated Press reported.

At the end of the pursuit, deputies used ECWs on Ambler, a former postal worker. He shouted at officers that he had a heart condition. He died during the incident.

State Rep. James Talarico put forward the proposal for the bill and said Wednesday: "Policing is not entertainment," local ABC affiliate KVUE reported.