Three Watertown, NY, police officers were injured Monday morning rescuing a man from a fire that broke out in a room at a local motel.

An employee of the Relax Inn said Monday morning that the first indication of a problem came about at roughly 12:45 a.m. when shouting could be heard from inside room 112.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies called to the scene briefly spoke with someone through the door of room 112, but the person stopped responding. With the help of the property manager, they got the door open and found the room was filled with smoke, NNY360 reports.

Sheriff’s Deputy Christian Hughes entered the room immediately and found 55-year-old Robert W. Murphy unresponsive in the bathroom.

Deputy Hughes and Deputy Nick Curtiss, alongside state troopers Joseph Fay and Sean Iles, worked together to pull Murphy from the smoke. They then went to clear the remaining rooms in the motel.

Three officers — Deputy Hughes and troopers Fay and Iles — inhaled a significant amount of smoke and were taken to Samaritan Medical Center. Mr. Murphy was also taken to Samaritan to be treated primarily for smoke inhalation, according to the sheriff’s office. They have been treated and released.