A Lenco Armored Vehicles BearCat G3 was used to protect officers in Albert Lea, MN, last month when a barricaded man, who was suspected of shooting a police officer and two other people, reportedly began firing at responding officers.

The officer who was shot was hit in the chest and saved by body armor. The other people who were shot will recover.

Officers who responded to the shooting used the BearCat to keep them shielded from gunfire as the vehicle defeated the rounds of bullets that struck its body, windows, roof and hood.

The BearCat made it possible for officers to close in on the suspect and begin negotiations.

After an eight-hour standoff, the suspect was taken into custody at the scene.

“The BearCat is designed to provide cover for responding officers so they can do their job. And we’re proud to enable the men and women on that Response team to stay safe and continue peaceful negotiations throughout an extremely dangerous situation,” said Lenny Light, Lenco Armored Vehicles vice president.

“We are so happy to hear this was resolved with no further injuries,” Light added. “We’re never rooting for the BearCat to get called out, but when an incident requires armor protection, we’re proud to see it’s almost always a Lenco vehicle on the scene.”

In closing Light said, “We’re all appreciative for the many public safety professionals who respond to these types of difficult and dangerous situations every day. During one of the most challenging years any of us will face, we continue to rely on our nation’s first responders more than ever. At Lenco, we’re honored to play a small role in that mission to serve and protect.”

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