Flying Cross and Safariland have announced their collaborative launch of phase one of a new virtual sizing technology called XpertFit, which offers a touchless, self-measure method of capturing body measurements from a smartphone.

“This new sizing service really sets apart the level of innovation and depth of resources available to our customers as two leading industry brands,” said Bob Getto, president/CEO of Fechheimer Brothers Company, the parent company of Flying Cross. “XpertFit will provide our dealers and end users value and efficiencies they have not previously experienced up until now. In addition, XpertFit is the perfect solution during this heightened time of social distancing.”

The companies say XpertFit takes the guesswork out of onsite measuring by providing instant and accurate measurements from a smart device. The process takes less than two minutes to complete from initiating the technology until the time you are provided with product sizing.

To use the technology, an officer chooses to fit either uniforms or body armor. Next, the technology will gather general information and then take a front and side profile picture. This is then used to calculate measurements based on its algorithm and determine a recommended size for Flying Cross uniform apparel or Safariland body armor.

The new XpertFit technology will enter phase one of its release in early December to a select group of dealers and customers and will be ready for a full launch in the second quarter of 2021. This first-to-market technology is an exclusive for Flying Cross and Safariland through their participating partnering dealers. Fechheimer and Safariland have partnered with 3DLOOK Technology, the industry leader in self-service, contactless body measuring solutions, to produce XpertFit.

“The proper fit of armor and uniforms is essential to duty and safety, and our collaboration with 3DLOOK has allowed us to revolutionize the process," said Brad Williams, president of Safariland. “Convenience and accuracy of measurements is a growing concern. XpertFit will allow the reflection of this urgency and efficiency to change the procurement process in an effort to save time and increase consumer confidence.”

“We’ve worked hard to bring this level of service to our customers,” said Fechheimer's Getto. “Every detail has been vetted from the algorithms, use in market, process flow and privacy of customer information. Being able to partner with Safariland to incorporate body armor makes this even more powerful. We are excited to deploy technology, improving service for our public safety and military customers.”

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the amazing teams at both Fechheimer and The Safariland Group to deliver this first of a kind simple and accurate fit and sizing solution that delivers a contactless and safe measuring experience. This is a major step in digital transformation for the whole global uniform manufacturing industry,” said Vadim Rogovskiy, co-founder and CEO at 3DLOOK.