A rookie police officer in New Jersey rescued a man from a burning vehicle Saturday.

Howell Township Police Officer Nocholas Volpe was seen on his body camera and his vehicle's dash cam rescuing the man. The officer ran up to the car after it had struck a tree, with clouds of smoke billowing out from it and the flames already spreading.

"I see the car start to smoke, then kind of light up in flames" Volpe told NBC New York.

"There was no way he was getting out of there. Looking back on it, I don't think he would have because how fast the fire started," Volpe said.

Cellphone video taken by Howell Police Chief Andy Kudrick seconds later shows how quickly the car became a fireball, with an explosion possible at any moment. Volpe said that the first thing on his mind was to get the man out and to safety as soon as possible. The officer is seen on dash cam desperately wrestling the man in his 50s through the open driver-side window.