A 24-year-old woman was rescued from possibly drowning Sunday night when officers from the Alliance (OH) Police Department her pulled out of a vehicle on the verge of submerging in the Mahoning River.

The woman had been driving an SUV on River Street when she lost control, went off the road and landed in the waterway, which runs parallel with River Street, the Canton Repository reports.

"She had just gotten off work and fell asleep," police Lt. Dave Bair said. "I believe she lives in Sebring. Her car was almost full of water when the officers pulled her out of the river. They communicated well and got her out of the vehicle. If these officers had been late by 30 seconds, I don't know if she would be here."

Bair estimated the river was about 6 feet deep. The police officers who conducted the rescue were identified as Christian Tussey, Shane Tallman, Joe Amabeli, Chris McCord and Lee Rose. Police responded at about 9:25 p.m. Sunday when the woman called the dispatch center.