The Los Angeles Police Department is set to downsize its robbery and homicide division as part of a series of moves aimed to address defunding challenges. The cuts come as homicides spiked by about 25% this year compared with 2019.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the effort is aimed at moving more than 200 LAPD officer back to patrol under a “broad reorganization aimed at preserving patrol and community engagement functions.”

Anyone with minor injuries from misdemeanor hit-and-run incidents and other crashes will be instructed to file a report online under the plan, the Times said.

In addition, station desks will no longer be manned on weekends and there will be cuts to the Metropolitan Division, air support, and gang and narcotics divisions, CBS reports.

In June, the Los Angeles City Council voted to cut the agency’s budget by up to $150 million at a virtual meeting in response to a “Defund The Police” campaign by community members.