As a manhunt continues for the gunman who ambushed two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies in Compton, new surveillance footage shows how one deputy struggled to help her partner even as she was bleeding from her own wounds.

Immediately after the shooting, the female deputy—identified by the Daily Mail as Claudia Apolinar—can be seen on surveillance video struggling to place a tourniquet on her partner even as she herself is bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Apolinar also radioed in the shooting and she and her partner took cover, in case the shooting was an active assault, ABC7 reports.

Audio captures a frantic call for help from one of the deputies shortly after the shooting. "I've been shot. Send help," one of the deputies is heard saying in the radio call.

Apolinar, who is being guarded by fellow members of the sheriff’s department while she and her partner—a 24-year-old deputy—continue to recover, worked as an aide in a Los Angeles Country library starting in 2011, Fox News reports. In 2017, she applied to be a sheriff’s deputy, the Daily Mail reported.

A $200,000 reward has been offered for information leading to arrest of the gunman, who has yet to be officially identified.

Both wounded deputies are reportedly in stable condition and expected to survive. However, their recovery is expected to be long and difficult.

A GoFundMe account has been established by a department deputy working with the union to raise funds for the wounded deputies. The verified GoFundMe page raised more than $140,000 in its first 24 hours. At presstime it was at nearly $400,000.