The director of the Miami-Dade (FL) Police Department says he has begun the process that will likely end with the termination of an officer who was seen on video punching a woman in the face at Miami International Airport earlier this week.

According to Local 10 News, Police Director Freddy Ramirez said in a statement Thursday afternoon that as a result of an administrative investigation into the officer's conduct during the incident, he intends to move forward with the termination of the involved officer's employment with the agency.

"The administrative process to proceed with termination has been initiated," Ramirez said in a statement.

"The MDPD holds itself accountable for its actions, and this is just another example of our commitment to do just that," Ramirez added.

In a report released on Thursday, it was revealed that Officer Anthony Rodriguez had been called to the re-booking desk of American Airlines regarding a woman who was behind the counter threatening employees.

The report said that the woman—identified as 21-year-old Paris Anderson—was berating airline employees.

A confrontation between the officer and the woman ensued, and the officer eventually struck the woman in the face.

After reviewing video of the event, Ramirez said that he does not condone the officer’s actions and said that Rodriguez had been relieved of duty.