Officers with the Minneapolis and Burnsville Police Departments rescued a number of ducklings from storm drains in two separate incidents on the same day.

According to WCCO-TV, Burnsville Police officers Ashley Nacey, Kyle Robb, and Sergeant Jeremiah Mahler responded to a call of a group of ducklings that were stuck in a sewer. They pulled the grating off the drain and pulled five ducklings from the hole as the mother duck waddled around the area.

The agency posted video of the rescue on Twitter, which quickly went viral.

Shortly thereafter, the Minneapolis Police Department posted a similar video on Twitter of officers rescuing ducklings from another storm drain, saying, "All hands on duck! A mother duck now has her 8 ducklings back after MPD Officers rescued them from a storm drain. The officers removed the drain cover and crawled down head first to save them. Momma duck stood by supervising the rescue."

Both videos have garnered thousands of views online.