A police officer was shot and wounded in Eustis, FL, early Thursday, and authorities continue to search for the suspect, or possible suspects, reports WRBW.

The Eustis Police Department said they received a call around 12:15 p.m. that one of their officers had been injured, possibly by gunfire. The incident started moments earlier at a Winn-Dixie.  Shots were reportedly fired near the grocery store and Eustis Police Captain Gary Winheim was in the vicinity and responded.  

Authorities say Winheim encountered the suspect at a second location and was shot. Crews arrived to find Windheim in stable condition. He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Several law enforcement officers, including a SWAT unit from the Lake County Sheriff's Office, are now searching a wooded area for the shooting suspect, identified as Jayson Colvin, according to a Eustis Police spokesman. They could not immediately confirm if another suspect was involved in the shooting incident.

"I would consider him armed and dangerous," said Eustis Police Department spokesman Officer Lauren Brown, speaking of the identified suspect during an afternoon news conference.