Officers with the Cleveland (OH) Police Department came to the rescue of a dog dangling from a second-story balcony in that city's east side on Saturday night.

According to Fox News, a woman called 911 to report that a dog chained on the balcony had jumped over the barrier and was hanging from the neck, slowly dying.

Patrol Officer Michael Phelps and his partner were the first on the scene.

Phelps quickly moved into position on the first floor so he could support the animal on his shoulders, allowing the dog to again breathe freely.

Additional officers arrived and were able to get the dog down from the perilous perch.

The owners of the dog may be forced to surrender the animal for adoption, which is welcome news for dog-loving Officer Phelps.

"I would so love to adopt him," Phelps told Fox News. "I mean, I can always add another member to my family."