Video has been released of the SWAT team with the Chandler (AZ) Police Department breaching the front door of a dwelling in order to take custody of a two-year-old boy whose doctor had called authorities with concerns about the child's welfare.

According to Fox News, CPD officers entered the home of Sarah Beck and Brooks Bryce to take custody of their unvaccinated son in order to ensure that the boy would not be put in further peril of worsening illness or even death.

Earlier, the boy's parents had taken him to an emergency room for evaluation and were told to take him to a nearby children's hospital for further examination. The mother was hesitant because the boy was not vaccinated, but agreed to the doctor's recommendations.

Later that day, the doctor learned that the family had not in fact gotten to the children's hospital and called the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Arizona law allows officials to take custody of a child for his or her safety and gives police the ability to "use reasonable force to enter any building" to do so.

However, some lawmakers in the Grand Canyon State are calling into question whether the level of force used was necessary.

Representative Kelly Townsend reportedly said, "That was excessive."

Both parents have each been charged with a count of child abuse.