On Friday at the funeral of one of his deputies shot and killed in the line of duty as he responded to a call from a suicidal man at an apartment complex, Clermont County Sheriff Robert Leahy delivered some stern words to the man suspected of pulling the trigger.

Leahy said, "To those who would do us harm, to those who would advocate for violence against us—to that a**hole in my jail—I have two words for you on behalf of Bill's family, this county, my office, and all the cops across this country: 'screw you'."

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Leahy said he would have used even harsher language if it weren't for the children in the audience.

The suspect—identified as Wade Winn—had been barricaded in an apartment for several hours when he opened fire on officers.

Detective Brewer had served with the Clermont County Sheriff's Office for 20 years. His is survived by his wife and 5-year-old son.