President Donald Trump announced on Friday a short-term deal to temporarily reopen the federal government and secure backpay for federal employees, including federal law enforcement officers.

The stop-gap agreement with congressional leaders will last three weeks, until Feb. 15, and would allow talks to continue over security on the southern border. The agreement announced by Trump includes no money for his border wall.

The shutdown began just before Christmas and has left approximately 400,000 workers home from work without pay, while another 400,000 were required to be on the job without pay, KTIV reports.

Trump and congressional Democrats have been at a standoff over the president’s demand for $5.7 billion to build his wall along the southern border. Trump said any agreement over more permanent funding will have to include funding for barriers as part of border security. If it does not, he says he will shut down the government again or declare an emergency to secure the funding.