Police in Philadelphia responded to a call of a man wielding a gun on Tuesday evening, arriving at the scene to find 66-year-old Patrick McGuinn on his front porch with a gun in his hand.

McGuinn proceeded to threaten officers, shouting, "I'm not going to jail, kill me," and, "You're going to have to kill me!" as officers approached, according to WPVI-TV News.

Police say McGuinn pointed the gun at officers as they ordered him to drop his weapon.

When he pointed the gun at an officer again, that officer fired and hit McGuinn in the left thigh.

"The fact that one officer fired just one shot, that is a lot of restraint," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. "It caused the suspect to fall to the ground, and, even then, he had the gun in his hand that the officers had to wrestle from his hand."