The president of the union representing officers who work for the Minneapolis (MN) Police Department strongly disagrees with a decision by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to install so-called "Know-Your-ICE-Rights" placards on all MPD squad cars.

In both English and Spanish, the placards will state that immigrants can choose not to speak to immigration officials, according to NBC News.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said on Facebook, "All MPD squad cars will now be outfitted with placards that explain your rights as they pertain to ICE and immigration status. We will not let a lack of compassion at the highest levels of government for our immigrant communities go unanswered in Minneapolis.

According to NBC News, Frey also said that the placards "will make it clear that you don’t have to answer questions about where you were born, your immigration status, whether you are a citizen and that you have the right to remain silent."

Lieutenant Bob Kroll—who heads the police union—said in a statement, "It’s simply insane. Thankfully we are less than four weeks from elections and we can possibly begin to restore the safety of our citizens with help at the state level."