Law enforcement agencies across the country have recently been engaged in a hard-fought battle—whose officer could produce the best lip-sync music video?

With numerous viral videos posted to Facebook and Twitter, the competition became fierce. But who stated it all?

According to ABC News, the first domino in the chain started with Alexander Mena, a deputy in the Bexar County (TX) Sheriff’s Office. The video of Mena singing “Fuiste Mala” by the Kumbia Kings already has 1.4 million views.

A popular new entrant into the competition was a female K-9 handler from Houston, singing along with her four-legged partner Quelle, the old favorite, “Who let the dogs out?”

Another masterpiece came from San Antonio Police Department.

One with a Western flair comes from the sheriff of Pinal County, AZ.

There are dozens of others.

Mena told ABC News, “We wanted some positive stuff to come to the sheriff's office. With some of the things that happen in law enforcement and with the media...we wanted something more positive and for the community and our deputies to kind of connect together...I did not think that it was going to blow up the way that it did.”